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What Sportradar does

The absolute best part about working at Sportradar is all the awesome products that we build.
It is important to stress that Sportradar is not a bookmaker, nor do we handle any bookmaker's money streams. But we do provide a large portfolio of services to bookmakers. Sportradar started out crawling odds from various bookmakers which is then served back to bookmakers in various formats. Examples can be alerts if your odds have deviated from the rest of the markets, odds suggestions, and bet settlements. One important part of providing odds is to also collect sports data used for the various probability algorithms. If you have played Norsk Tipping's Liveoddsen, you have used a Sportradar product. In fact, almost half of the Trondheim office work on Sportradar's live betting products, including ensuring that the time between an event happening at the venue and it ending up in our customers systems is less than one second.
As our sports data collection became comprehensive Sportradar also started delivering various live scores and sports statistics solutions. Sportradar provides comprehensive Sport APIs where customers can get sportsdata directly into their backend systems that they can use for whatever they want. e.g Google use the APIs developed in Trondheim to enrich their search results. Sportradar also provides white label hosted solutions, where we host a solution branded to look like a part of the customer website. If you go to any bookmaker and click on their live scores, statistics or in-game players, there is a high chance that your requests goes to Sportradar servers. These services push an impressive 150 000 requests per second during peak hours..
The combination of betting and sports data allows Sportradar to build algorithms that flag possible match fixing incidents. This information is then sent to partner federations and authorities that further investigate manipulation of the betting markets.
Rights holders such as sports federations and clubs often collect official data that they want to commercialise. Sportradar can help rights holders with this, typically by purchasing a license that allows us to redistribute their content to media and betting customers. In addition to this we also help many federations capture the content using our existing scout network. Our list of federation partnerships include ITF, NFL, NHL, NBA, and ESL.
Sportradar is also heavily involved in distributing video content on behalf of federations. Both NBA and the Australian Tennis Federation distribute all their online live video streams through Sportradar. So if you've watched live streams from Australian Open, or NBA streams on a betting site, this went through the encoder platform that was developed here in Trondheim.
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Contact person: Torgeir Hofsli