Our office in Trondheim.


What you get at Sportradar

It goes without saying that Sportradar covers everything you need to develop your skillset: conferences, training, certifications, and so on. You also get two hours a week you can spend on your own projects. Twice a year we arrange Sportradar ShipIt, inspired by Atlassian ShipIt, where we build whatever we think will create value, either socially or commercially. We also have regular hackathons with the rest of Sportradar, which focus more on solving specific business cases. We offer flexible hours, and forced overtime is extremely rare.
Sportradar Trondheim Office Ship It Days
We have in-house tournaments in darts, golf, squash, and counter-strike . We also participate in Trondheim Maraton and Holmenkollstafetten. You get free tickets for Pirbadet and Sportradar rents a cageball court every week.
Twice a year, the best house brewers compete in the Sportradar Tap Battle . We have a yearly trip to Åre, as well as annual Christmas and summer parties.
Ferjemannsveien 10
N-7014 Trondheim
Phone: +47 930 76 707
Contact person: Torgeir Hofsli