Our office in Trondheim.


Our office in Trondheim

With more than 100 developers, Sportradar is the largest developer organization in Trondheim. It was here Sportradar's technology was first created, and it is still where the core systems are being developed. Trondheim is a pure development office, and almost all employees here are developers. We have successfully created workflows that enable us to work efficiently with product developers in multiple other locations. This also means that developers have strong influence on the product itself, and product feedback from Trondheim developers is warmly welcomed. This includes occasional travels to other offices, which is always great fun. It also opens up possibilities to temporarily (or permanently) relocate to other offices, e.g. if you want to try living in Poland or the US. Our office is located at Solsiden, in the brand new Adressa-huset, with all the facilities that entails. This location is also much appreciated by our commuters coming in by bus, ferry or train.
Sportradar Trondheim Office employees
Product-wise, the Trondheim office is involved in almost every product Sportradar offers. But most importantly Trondheim maintains Sportradar's live data and live odds systems, and has a key role in the video offerings. The backend of all of Sportradar's white label hosted solutions are handled here, as well as many of the frontends. Also, many of the sports available in the Sportradar sports API is being developed in Trondheim, for example soccer and tennis.
Technology-wise the developers here program mainly in Java and Javascript , but PHP, C++ and a number of other languages are used as well. Our core databases systems are MySQL, but other systems are used where it makes sense. We have been running microservice-like architecture since the early 2000s, using our homegrown Java application scheduler.
Our web applications are typically developed using React and associated libraries. Due to our massive amounts of traffic, we are fairly advanced users of nginx and Varnish Cache. At the Trondheim office developers can choose whether they want to run Windows or, as most prefer, some flavour of Linux. You are free to choose which IDE you want.
In addition to the developers, Trondheim has a system admin team consisting of highly experienced Linux administrators. Our applications are hosted on Openstack in our own datacenter in Switzerland as well as in AWS. We virtualize, automate and ensure high availability. Puppet, Cloudformation, Heat, Zabbix and Prometheus are among the essential tools used to manage our services. Our servers run Debian and we have a strong preference for Free/Open Source Software.
Ferjemannsveien 10
N-7014 Trondheim
Phone: +47 930 76 707
Contact person: Torgeir Hofsli